Our Philosophy

Amandean has one goal: to provide all-natural, super-healthy nutritional enhancements to as many people as possible. Our vision is a world in which every human is super-human, and we believe that the way to make it happen is the right nutrition, selectively sourced from nature's finest.


Not all nutrients are made equal. To fully harness all that nature has to offer, first we must ask ourselves: From where in the world would one find the most undistilled, purest form of ingredients? Our belief at Amandean is that origin is what matters. Whether it be from the isolated plains of South America, or deep in the mystical Punjab region of India, our objective is to stay on top of the latest nutritional science and ensure from cultivation to packaging that our products remain pure and untainted by pesticides, chemicals and GMO practices.


Nutritional science and research are at the core of our values at Amandean and drive every aspect of our product development. The technology and careful techniques used to process our raw ingredients are designed to fully preserve the nutritive value and natural health benefits inherent in each product.


You only have one body, and we want your journey into nutrition to not just be a fulfilling experience but also precise and methodical. Amandean strives for unmatched product excellence at every level. Our products are 100% natural and tested for consistency and purity that meet the highest standards. We’re proud of the trust we’ve developed with our customers, confident that the results courtesy of our products won’t be tainted by unknown artificial additives.


Modern life, with its emphasis on speed, automation, computerization, and globalization, has made many things easier and given us more leisure options, but we now have a whole host of new health problems that have come with it. At Amandean we recognize the challenges of today and have responded with a line of products that are grounded in giving consumers the quality nutrition they need in a way that easy to use and incorporate into daily life.