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“Energy & Vitality”

I am a Naturopathic doctor and author, constantly searching for the best natural products. My latest search for collagen peptides have taken me to an excellent company, Amandean. Personally, I have noticed an improvement in my knees (years of racquetball), less aches and pain from bodybuilding (75 years young) and overall feeling of energy and vitality. I highly recommend all their products.

Author of "A Guide Through The Gluten Free World"

“ The Fountain of Youth”

I can't tell you how much this stuff has changed me! I have been using collegen powder for 4 months now. I recently purchased this brand cause it was more for the money. Well I'm very happy to say it is of good quality and still tasteless, yay! My skin is so much firmer now. I can really see the difference in my face. It has helped with my intestines because my stomach doesn't hurt anymore when I drink coffee and orange juice. In fact I use the collegen powder in my coffee every morning. I put it in my green smoothies, my tea and carrot juice. I am 46 years old so I think it took a little while to start to notice the difference because I had already lost a lot of collagen so I upped it to 4 scoops a day to catch up, am I making any sense? I did that for a couple months and now back to 2-3 scoops.

— D.D, Amazon Customer

“Awesome Collagen and Perfect Travel Buddy!”

Hands down the BEST Grass Fed Collagen, and I love the packets! I can already tell a difference compared to other collagen(s) I have tried. It has zero smell or taste (compared to others) and easy to mix into anything. And the new travel packets are so perfect for on the go, portioning, and are easy to open. It's super light and mixes with anything. My hair is growing like crazy, my joints feel better, my skin looks better.......and this is coming from someone with food allergies, Fibromyalgia, etc. Clean and Good for you!

— H.G, Amazon Customer

“Don't go a day without Amandean”

Super excellent product. I take it every morning after taking vitamin C to increase absorption. A day doesn't go by without Amandean collagen peptide. It gives me beautiful skin skin and much more.

— TCM, Amazon Customer

"What's Not to Love?!"

I tried this product after a competitor and actually prefer this to the other. It hits all my requirements as far as paleo, but it's also a bigger amount, it opens easily when I go to tear it open so I can pour it in my ready to drink post workout shake and it mixes right in - no clumps at all. I'll be ordering this again and recommend. Thanks for a great product in a great package I can actually open easily when I'm ready.

— AGG, Amazon Customer

"Best Bang For The Buck"

My husband and I love this product. We tried one that was a little cheaper but it did not dissolve and was sticky. We like to put it in coffee, cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, soup etc. I am hypoglycemic and dont tolerate dairy, I'm always looking for a way to get a little protein in certain meals/snacks. We both can tell a difference in our joints and skin. Additionally we did try more expensive ones and this one provides the same results and mixability.

— A., Amazon Customer

“Excellent product! I've tried 6 other brands of collagen the past 5 years”

This is hands down the very best collagen powder I've ever used. I've taken "joy of health" for a year and didn't get the results I got with this within 2 weeks. I've taken other less popular brands as well as several popular Japanese collagen powder brands. I will never buy any other from now on. The quality and purity of this product is very apparent in a short amount of time. No bs like with "joy of health" listing 6,000mg of collagen which only equals around 6g while this product is 10g the maximum allowed amount. If all that wasn't amazing enough. The price and amount just adds to the satisfaction. Yes it seems pricey BUT you get 50 full doses. This is over a months worth of product taken once a day. Other brands maybe cheaper but only have 30 servings or less. Also the quality of this is top of the line. After all these years trying, testing and searching for the perfect collagen powder and here it finally is.

Don't waste your hard earned money on gimmicks and advertising. Believe me this is the best deal for the quality and amount. I'm very happy to have found an amazing collagen at last.

— S., Amazon Customer

"Works wonders for arthritis pain"

I was taking another brand of collagen that is much more expensive (just about double the price) and worked really well so I didn't mind paying that much. However, it became quite costly after many months and I had to stop purchasing it. My arthritis came back horribly when I stopped taking that brand of collagen. My daughter bought this brand of marine collagen for me (since it was a lot cheaper) and I started taking it. Within a couple of days I noticed a huge difference in my arthritis pain, and after just taking this collagen for about a week my arthritis pain was gone. I love this collagen so much! It works just as well if not better than the other brand that is double the price. I will continue to purchase Amandean Marine Collagen and I tell anyone who has any kind of arthritis pain to purchase and give it a try.

— D., Amazon Customer

"I Suffer From Chronic Pain"

I have never written a review for anyone. I know I should but I honestly don't take the time. This is different and I feel compelled to write. My hope is it will reach those individuals it needs to reach and help to change their lives as it has changed mine. Without writing a book, I suffer with chronic pain to a level that causes vomiting up to 8 hours a day when it is at its' worse. I work and support myself so this can be challenging. I have been to many doctors and the final was Johns Hopkins who said the damage is so severe surgery would cause more surgeries in the future and results could not be guaranteed. I was told by my neurosurgeon to "do anything" I could think of to help myself and avoid surgery. My pain is injury related and then the immune system accelerated and "over corrected" so to speak. The resulting inflammation is insane. I was on opioids and had to take a short term disability time off work due to an allergic reaction. I use many natural supplements, topicals, therapies, etc., but to no real avail. With pain that can make me sick to my stomach, supplements and meds can be tricky. I was in prayer and researching for results as life was becoming so difficult I wondered if going on was practical. I know that sounds awful but I would pray for God to take me home. I thought if I can't work and care for myself, how will I live? With the pain I was only existing anyway, not living. I heard about collagen and its' wonderful properties. I am an animal welfare advocate and a vegetarian (not vegan) since childhood. I am not against meat eating but humane treatment is so important to me for all of God's creation. I believe an animal should be allowed a natural life until the day of the kill. For me it was easier to limit that to certain kinds of fish. I had read where collagen from cows and pigs is not as bio available as fish collagen. I then found a site that uses shark fin and throw the sharks back into the water. I will not heal with another creature suffering for it. I again prayed for an answer. I found this wonderful company and was so impressed with the eco-friendly, sustainable process they use to obtain the wild caught fish and not endangering the other sea life while doing so. I felt at peace with purchasing this product. I hoped my stomach would tolerate it. I use it in my coffee and I need no special fluffer, shaker or blender. Follow their directions to put the powder in a dry cup and add the liquid. It will mix! I use it every 12 hours. Remember my pain is off the charts. In five days my pain was gone!!!!!! Gone!!!!!! My inflammation is so under control that if it gets much better I will have to resize my rings. I have lost no weight but the inflammation has caused a thinning over swelling from the injuries and over active immune system. We know inflammation causes pain and is unhealthy for the body, often triggering other illnesses. I have energy that is coming from healing, not fake like the caffeine and sugar I would use to get through my day, knowing underneath the "fake" energy, my body was still suffering. I don't know quite how to describe the difference in the energy but it is a whole body/mind energy. Cravings are also minimal and appetite is greatly reduced. I think I was always trying to find something to help me with pain, energy and just filling that void that was an existence and not really living. I was trying to find it in food. I don't need that now. I carry the powder with me because I don't want to find myself without it. On another note, they also emailed me to make sure it had arrived in a timely manner and in good condition. Who provides that level of customer service these days? Not many. I have to stop because I know I sound like I'm either a relative or getting paid but I assure you neither is the case. I am just that grateful someone cared enough to bring this company to fruition to help others. I have my life back. Fish scales...who would have thought? lol :-) Thank you Amandean.

— MELISSA M, Amazon Customer

" I was very happy to find a company that sources from wild-caught (not farmed) fish"

Product delivered as promised. I was very happy to find a company sources wild caught (not farmed) fish from the north Atlantic. It is tasteless and easily blends in a smoothie so it's perfect for me. The customer service follow up has been amazing - kudos to Amandean! I will continue to purchase from them.

— S.P., Amazon Customer

"I switched from Vital Proteins to Amandean"

I LOVE your product! I started using it about 6 weeks ago and am seeing dramatic results. I have turned a few friends into your product who have switched over from Vital Proteins. They say your product is much better and they are seeing more results.Thanks for producing such a high quality supplement. "

— R., Amazon Customer

"Please don't ever change the quality of your product!"

I purchased your marine collagen powder via amazon. I just want to request that you maintain whatever it is your doing with the marine collagen because it works very well for me. Please don’t change the quality of your product so I won’t have to waste my time looking for another collagen supplement. It’s so hard to look for an excellent quality collagen. Now that I found yours, I’m happy I can stop googling about collagen supplements. Thanks!

— Amazon Customer

“Highly Recommended”

I started using bovine collagen several months ago then research proved that the marine source was far more beneficial so in searching for a superior product that delivered the proper dose to show results I stumbled upon Amandean. Soooooo glad I did! The difference in my skin, hair, and nails is amazing to say the least! I am just short of 50 years of age and my 12 year old daughter is constantly asking me why my skin is softer than hers. There's no off putting odor, it's tasteless and dissolves easily in my coffee. I LOVE IT and do not intend to be without it again!

— T BEAMER, Amazon Customer

“NO Smell and NO Taste”

WOW, what a great product. I wish I knew about this years ago. I did some research on the various collagen products and the various producers. I decided to go with this product for many reasons. I am 100% satisfied with my decision after about one month of using it. I put one scoop in my morning coffee daily and with just 2 swirls of the spoon it is completely dissolved. There is absolutely no taste and no smell. It has not changed my coffee one bit but it has changed me a lot. I am in the medical field and work 12 hours shifts usually 3-4 in a row. There is no break or lunch. About half way through I would start to feel the musculoskeletal aches and pain that came with turning 40. After the 3rd or 4th shift I would typically need a day to recover. But since I have started using this product I feel 10 years younger. The muscle fatigue is just not there. The neck/shoulder pain, lower back pain and leg pains are not as noticeable anymore. I got it for my mother and she feels the same. Her knee pains as not limiting her anymore. She feels she can be more active without the fear of having to be in increasing pain. My husband and brothers use it in their post workout shakes and have reported less fatigue after their workouts. My husband feels he can lift more weight without the joint pains the next day. I exercise and eat healthy so that I can age healthy but there is no stopping aging. This product is slowing down for me. I have noticed an improvement in my skin although my hair and nails will need more time to grow out. I will use this product for life. Have been telling everyone about it. I love it!!! Thank you Amandean!!!

— T.B, Amazon Customer

"Really Helped With My Arthritis Pain!"

So glad I found and purchased this brand of marine collagen. I have arthritis and bone to bone contact in my right knee and am trying to hold off on replacement surgery. I love to walk daily for exercise. I purchased this and was hopeful it would help due to the great reviews. I’d been mixing it in my morning coffee daily for a couple of months. Didn’t seem to notice any big improvement but had been enjoying my walks with minimal knee pain. Then we we on vacation for a couple of weeks. I didn’t even think to pack this collagen. Still continued my daily walks on vacation. However, after the vacation, when I returned home, my knee was killing me and also the lower joints in my back. But after 2 weeks of the morning collagen, I’m happy to report that my pain is minimalized again. The only change for me was this collagen. I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!

— S, Amazon Customer

"This is the collagen to try!"

I've been using this collagen for about a month now. I was a little bit skeptical at first. But decided to try this brand because it's marine based and had good overall reviews. The biggest thing I've notices is the change in my skin. I'm 50 and have been seeing the effects of time and sun on my face. In just two weeks my skin started to look better. I see fewer fine lines and I've stopped wearing foundation because my skin glows! Now that I'm in my 4th week I'm seeing an improvement in my hair. It looks healthier and shiner, and has more body. The powder dissolves easier in warm liquid and has absolutely no taste or smell. I'm a believer and will continue to use this brand!

— S.J.B, Amazon Customer

"AMAZING All-rounder. So glad we tried it"

Am so glad i tried this product. It is AMAZING! Both me and my fiance started the seeing the difference within 1 -2 weeks of use. Our skin has turned firm and smooth, nails are stronger and hair soft and fuller! We take this first thing in the morning by adding this to our shake/ juice/coffee and take a vitamin C/multivitamin later. As a bonus, I've noticed I don't get hungry till 12-1pm (better than other protein shakes I've tried). Amandean's follow up email to ensure product satisfaction was a nice touch. Will definitely be purchasing again.

— P., Amazon Customer

"Best price, dissolves better, less fishy smell than other brands".

Of the 4 brands of marine collagen I have tried in the last 4 months, this will be the one I stick with. For the same price as the largest containers other brands sell, you get MORE product here. It costs around $40 for 12 oz of Aspen Naturals, Sports Research, and Zen Principle but you get over 17 oz from Amandean. Compared to the other brands I mentioned, this powder dissolves the best and doesn't have that garbage-fish smell. Collagen always dissolves best in warmer liquids. I put a full scoop in my morning hot coffee, stir and let sit for a few minutes to allow it to dissolve. Some evenings I also put a scoop in a cup of hot tea. The company sent me an email right after I received the collagen to make sure everything arrived okay. I know that demand for marine collagen has gone up lately along with prices, so today (about a week after I ordered the first one) I went ahead and bought 2 more containers to make sure I get it at the $40 price. I'll keep them in my freezer until I need them. I am taking collagen to improve my skin and hair because I have issues with acne and hair breakage. When I was taking dance classes up until last month, taking collagen helped reduce some minor joint pain I had previously been experiencing.

— B., Amazon Customer


“Pleasantly surprised by the results”

Started using this product about 6 weeks ago. I have dropped about 10 pounds and my appetite has lessened somewhat. I also noticed my shoulder pain is virtually gone so have to attribute much of this change to the Beef Gelatin as that is the only change I made. I simply sprinkle it on my food one of my daily meals.

— J. Marshall, Amazon Customer

“Supplement for arthritis ,weight loss”

I've been on this product for 10 months now. It curves my appetite and helps me sleep better. My joints feel better. Its doing a fantastic job on my arthritis and my mobility. i walked with a limp and im barely even notice it anymore. Helps my husband to sleep better and snoring problem. I lost weight and haven't been able to lose weight for years due to hypothyroidism and no metabolism. I've been overweight for years. I'm encouraged by the way this product works and makes you feel. I'm sold and my husband's started taking and one of my friends. Great stuff. :)

— M.M, Amazon Customer

“Fantastic Stuff, Try it out”

It's helping with my mobility issues. I'm taking less pain medications during the day for slipped lumbar disc(s), and my rotator cuff tear is healing now, and the carpel tunnel is becoming more bearable without the braces. It is important to bloom it first by putting one scoop of the powder in 4 ounces of warm water, then whisking it with a fork. Add 8 or 10 ounces of hot water and add tea bag of your choosing. I usually take it twice a day morning and night with a tablespoon of honey, and a tablespoon of EVO for the Omega 3 benefits. I can't wait to be on it for 6 months, it's only been a week. Pure collagen, no carbs, and all the Amino Acids you need. Great product. I will buy again for myself and others too.

— D. Richardson, Amazon Customer

“I got it to help my arthritic knee and back”

I got it to help my arthritic knee and back pain. I have found it to ease my pain. It is amazingly helpful. I worked in my yard trimming and pruning and didn't have any pain or soreness the next day which is very unlike other experiences in the past. I am 86 years old, I will continue to use this product and I have told others about it.

— P. Smith, Amazon Customer

“I highly recommend this product!”

Beef Gelatin has been helping me with my acute knee pain. My husband had severe, chronic knee pains for months. He was very skeptical about taking this product, but he was in so much pain, so he decided to try it. He did it off and on for a couple of weeks, and his knee pain was getting better; then he did not take it for a few days, and he had the worse knee pain again; he could barely walk. So I had him start using this product again, and to his surprise, the knee pain went down right away. So, we have been trying to use it each and every single day and our knees are getting better. We are both over fifty, so I would say it can help older people.

Dr. Joel Wallach recommends taking gelatin for knee pain. He said that drinking gelatin could prevent a lot of knee surgeries because gelatin helps to rebuild the connective tissue, among health benefits.

— S., Amazon Customer

“Benefits Are Quickly Noticable"

Am a skeptic about many natural supplements, though after several weeks of using these capsules I'm admitting to noticing a real benefit to my degenerative disc disease (rheumatoid arthritis, 70% of my spinal column). Far less inflammation and discomfort throughout my back as well as my wrists. Am very pleased with the results thus far, wishing I'd known about this fine natural medicinal wonder years ago. Frankincense (Boswellia) is also said to be an excellent supplement in fighting many cancers and this interests me as well, having fought a cancer for over 5 years now and that all naturally. No way that I'll ever allow "conventional medicine" to cut me, poison me, mutilate me, sicken me as they wish to. Just say "No" to fear and follow your intuition. It's not easy to, but few truly worthwhile things in life are easy, eh?

— O.R, Amazon Customer

“I am pleased to say that your product is working wonders for me”

I am pleased to say that your product is working wonders for me. I was diagnosed with Collagenous Colitis and prescribed several different medications (one of which was extremely expensive), none of which kept me from having severe flare ups. Since taking the Boswellia Serrata extract, I haven’t had a flare up. I am not yet in remission, but I am hopeful.

— S. Jones, Amazon Customer

“Helps with inflammation”

I am a type 1 diabetic with arthritis and walk 40 miles a week to help keep good control. Boswellia is helping my arthritis after increasing the amount to 3 times a day and decreasing some prescription medication. This is the dose that keeps me feeling like walking by stopping the inflammation in my joints. I don't usually write reviews but this herb helps me.

— Bonney, Amazon Customer

“Great, Healthy Product”

Great, healthy product. I no longer need or use otc anti inflammatory meds that are so hard on our bodies. Boswellia eases the muscle aches from physical workouts and a well used body.

Amazon Customer

"High quality Vitamin C to boost your immune system & metabolism"

I am incredibly impressed with this Vitamin C. I purchased this going into cold season to build up my immune system, but honestly there are so many other great benefits that I did not even know about. My skin is looking healthier by the day, and Liposomal Vitamin C also is fantastic for your metabolism. What I liked best about this product is that all the ingredients are vegan, and it tastes great by itself or even better mixed into my morning smoothies. Will definitely be purchasing this again as soon as I start to get low on my supply.

— Mark, Amazon Customer

“Great value Liposomal C 1000mg made with sunflower lecithin”

Excellent product, made with non-GMO ingredients and Phosphatidylcholine made from Sunflower lecithin, a major improvement over some other brands which use soy lecithin. I am on my first bottle of this Vitamin C but am feeling that is effective and helping me with some sinus issues. Taking this by teaspoon is easy and the taste is fine. I am already preferring this to any kind of capsule or tablet forms of Vitamin C although I do still like the powdered form of Sodium Ascorbate, and if on the road Sodium Ascorbate capsules are good to have available.

The price point on this is also the most favorable I've seen of any liquid Liposomal form of Vitamin C 1000mg at 30 servings made with Sunflower Lecithin. I'm glad I gave it a try.

— S., Amazon Customer

"Major Health Improvements"

I am a huge fan of this product and the seller. I order this for my father who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Although most doctors predicted him dead already he is getting better. Tumors are shrinking and there is no denying that he is improving verses declining in Heath. We give him 8-9 tsp 6 days a week and he gets an IV dose the other day. Thank you for making this product accessible to those in dire need.

— C.G, Amazon Customer

“Helped with energy levels when I had the flu.”

Ordered this during an extended flu I suffered in January and noticed a marked difference in energy levels (have been taking daily for a month). Tastes pretty good too--citrusy! Arrived on time and intact in packaging. Would definitely order again.

— J. Davis, Amazon Customer

"Made a positive difference!"

This was great. I tried a bunch of Liposomal Cs and this was the only one where I felt a difference, a positive difference, after using it. Also I loved that it's all natural.

— Terry, Shopify Customer

" Levels rather quickly and I was surprised by how good it tasted"

I found it started to improve energy levels rather quickly and I was surprised by how good it tasted. I would recommend it especially if feeling under the weather. Easy delivery system using non GMOs. I am a happy camper especially since its so well priced!!

— Y.B.H, Amazon Customer

"Just Get It - Your Body Needs It!"

Vitamin C is vital (studies have been done to prove the self-healing & prevention benefits) and liposome-encapsulated vitamin C is as or more effective than other forms of Vitamin C - even intravenous delivery - , with greater bioavailability, so why would I not take it?? The taste of this particular brand is just fine. Easy to just drink straight - just has a slight "chalky" or "vitaminy" taste. All good :)

— G.G, Amazon Customer