Single Company Seeks Single Designer For Long Term Relationship

November 16, 2018

Single Company Seeks Single Designer For Long Term Relationship

Exciting News: Amandean is looking to get married.

"Wait," you must be thinking. "How can a legal company get married? Can't only human beings get married?"

Excellent point you're thinking -- you're a smart one! -- and here is the explanation: we are not actually looking to get married, but we are looking to hire a new team member. And in our worldview, working together is a lot like getting married! Or at least being in a long-term, committed relationship.

How so? In a few ways:

Will it be just like Kylie's "Love at First Sight?"

1. We need to fit together, really well.

Your partner doesn't necessarily need to be the most [intellectual, beautiful, insert adjective here] person in the history of the world -- but you need to just both be really into the other, in both directions. This means you have similar value systems and styles.

And this is precisely how we view people we work with. We seek people with value systems and styles to our own.

2. We're seeking a long-term committed relationship.

Starting up a new relationship is hard and time-consuming. There's no point for you, or for us, to do it if it's likely to only last a few months. We're aiming for a long-term relationship.

Of course, "you never know," anything is possible, and half of all couples get divorced. But our goal is still that we're seeking each other for the long-haul.

3. We both deal with bumps similarly.

All relationships have bumps, marital or business. The perfect person just doesn't exist (possibly except for you, dear reader, of course!). But a key challenge in any relationship -- and what ultimately defines whether the relationship succeeds or fails -- is how you deal with the bumps. Some people talk about every little thing. Some people only talk about big things. Some people ignore issues (until they explode!). Some people write issues down more, and some talk about them verbally more. (We, of course, try to find the perfect balance between not talking too much and not talking too little.)

So, now that we see that relationships are relationships, and the rules of relationships apply, whether it is dating or work.... that implies a question about the "fit" we seek: if we're seeking people with the same values and style -- then what are ours?

Well, these will be the subject of future posts of ours, but let's summarize them here, so you can get a glimpse into how Team Amandean thinks:

Be A Good Person. Period.

Our value system starts with "Be a Good Person" above all. We follow the Golden Rule, doing onto others as we want them to do to us. Being fair, understanding, and empathic are top priorities -- on the human level but also on the business level. We're building the sort of company from whom we would be proud to not only use their products but to work. Think about the sweatshop that makes your favorite Apple device... and now picture the exact opposite of that.

Work Hard: Balance Daily Production With Creative Thinking

Of course, being a good person comes with a key caveat: we also expect hard work. We don't have the luxury to pay people to put their heads in the clouds and dream up ideas for weeks on end. We welcome good ideas, and encourage great ones! However, all in balance with day-to-day responsibilities. If we had the money to pay inflated Silicon Valley salaries, we’d likely have to charge our clients far too much for our products. More simply, we’re committed to keeping our products accessible and we're hooked on our own supply! As consumers ourselves, we want to buy high-quality products at affordable price-points.) We each need to be both thinkers and do-ers.

(If we did have the money for that, that would probably mean we are overcharging our clients -- and as part of our Golden Rule philosophy, we work hard to price our products as low as we can because we, as consumers, want to buy high-quality products at affordable price-points.) We each need to be both thinkers and do-ers.

Jive With Our Company Culture

And our style is also idiosyncratic and not for everyone: we try to balance the line between "not overly formal" and "not overly informal." We've interviewed people in 3-piece suits who long words they don't even know what they mean... and also designers who are still in their bathing suits from a swim! We try to strike this balance of not using unneeded formalities, we don't pretend we're bureaucrats in a Government-sized bureaucracy where you need to push papers all day long and just show up. But at the same time, we've found that if we're too informal, it's easy for things to get confused or lost; formality does bring with it coordination. So we strive to strike the right balance.

Mad Men's Peggy Olsen has just the right amount of creativity and hustle to be a bo$$ at her job. We suggest she ditch the smoking habit, but we wouldn't be adverse to hiring someone with some Betty-like qualities;)

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Morgan, you've written 716 words about a job and haven't yet said what it's for or about!". Good catch -- you're a quick one! -- maybe you should apply!

There's a method behind the madness: first we want to make sure you're a great fit, have the same values... and that you're just smart. And once you pass that test, we'll deep-dive into your skills. So hold your horses, one step at a time.

For this particular role, we're looking for a designer who has a broader knowledge about branding. You'll be working hand in hand with us to plan and figure out the awesome concepts we use to grown our brand and reach our audience - then help us create all the design, copy, images, videos, and media we need for it. Sound like you?

Drop us a line. I'm not going to include our contact email here because if you can't figure out how to contact us, you won't be right for the job!

Team Amandean

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